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Throughout the design process, we collaborate with each client to gain an understanding of their unique needs – defining the success of each building.

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Your New Dunamis Home

Buying a home represents one of the biggest decisions and investments, you’re likely to make. When it’s a brand new home, you’ll experience the unique feeling that it’s your own personal space… that nobody has lived there before. Choose your options and move in, it’s as simple as that. So it’s essential that you’re happy with the location, design and quality… and the service you experience with your developer.

From Vision to Realization

We’d like to show you why we think that buying a Dunamis Home is a great decision and a sound investment. Whether you’re chilling out on your own or entertaining, Dunamis high quality standard features will create an environment you can’t wait to come home to or show off to your friends.

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Designing and building homes that make the least impact on the environment and our world’s natural resources is core to our business.

Many considerations are taken into account whilst designing and building our new homes. These range from the effects that the development will have on the environment, including the responsible sourcing of environmentally managed materials and on site recycling and air and ground water pollution policies. Just as importantly the future use of the home and its ongoing effect on the environment is very carefully considered.

Modern building techniques include for the insulation of the whole of the building envelope. The walls, floors, ceilings, roof and windows all incorporate clever technology and far more insulation that has ever been used in order to maintain internal comfort.

On completion the properties are sealed and tested for airtightness. This together with carefully designed heating systems and Zedbuk A rated condensing boilers means that heating costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Use of electricity is equally respected, our properties are fitted with a range of low energy light fittings, and all included appliances are “A” rated for energy usage, not only does this reduce CO2 emissions but also results in huge saving on electricity bills.

Water usage is also addressed with the use of dual flush toilet and aerated taps, again protecting our valued natural resource and keeping costs to a minimum.

Selected developments are built to code for sustainable homes accreditation, for more information please enquire.

Quality Build

Our engineering teams interpretes details from design & replicate with solid implementation that is built to withstand any pressure tests.

Solid Expertise

Our engineers are highly experienced, skilled and creative. What you also get is the wealth of experience of Dunamis construction ltd.

Exceptional Architecture

Feel free to request some of our other brochures for assurance on how we conceptualise and deliver on home build promises.

Recent Projects

Our past projects speaks for itself. It’s easiser to show you than describe them to you. Let us take you on a tour of our premium collection.


Orchid Central

Chelsea, London


Royal Malling

London, UK

Design Excellence

Excellence in design is important to us, hence for the best prices, we build awesome homes.


We are creative, hence you can imagine a beautiful home and trust us do deliver it.


We combine the the best of architectural design concepts and still remain modern.

What You Imagine
Is What You Get

We are keen to build your dream home, so you can allow your imaginations, and we deliver.

Premium Quality

At Dunamis Homes, we do not compromise on quality.

Always On Time

Our projects are managed by seasoned project managers and architects hence always on time.

Skilled Architecture

Our designs are work of creativity and pure passion.

Imagination Comes True With Dunamis Homes

You dream it, we make it real. The Dunamis Homes team work hard to create your imagination.

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